Twisty Petz Beauty - Series 5 - Puppington Terrier Pup

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Expand your Twisty Petz collection with new Beauty pets! These fashionable Twisty Petz all feature an exciting makeup surprise hidden inside their middle body beads! Reveal shimmery scented lip gloss, sparkly body glitter, perfume or stylish nail decals that you can wear! 

  • Puppington Terrier Pup comes with Perfume!
  • Get glam with your new makeup, then create a sparkling bracelet or necklace to complete your look.
  • Pull apart your pet and connect the two ends to transform into a bracelet or connect three Twisty Petz together into a necklace. With two twists, turn your jewelry back into your favorite pet, super cute from head to tail.
  • Discover makeup surprises with Twisty Petz Beauty!
  • Ages 4 and up

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