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The Famous Peppermint Pig -The Famous Peppermint Pig -
Saratoga Sweets The Famous Peppermint Pig -
Sale priceFrom $7.95
Only 1 unit left
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Side Hill Jams -Side Hill Jams -
Sidehill Farms Side Hill Jams -
Sale priceFrom $2.50
In stock, 90 units
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Save $0.73
Easter Panned Marshmallow Eggs -Easter Panned Marshmallow Eggs -
Shelburne Country Store Easter Panned Marshmallow Eggs -
Sale priceFrom $0.77 Regular price$1.50
In stock, 187 units
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Fudge Caramel Squares - 1 PoundFudge Caramel Squares - 1 Pound
4.5 Ounce Maple Sugar Candy4.5 Ounce Maple Sugar Candy
Cavalier Candy Fruit Slices -Cavalier Candy Fruit Slices -
Cavalier Candy Cavalier Candy Fruit Slices -
Sale priceFrom $3.50
In stock, 29 units
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Necco Original Assorted Wafer Candy Single RollNecco Original Assorted Wafer Candy Single Roll
Mary Janes - 1 PoundMary Janes - 1 Pound
Mary Janes Mary Janes - 1 Pound
Sale price$6.95
In stock, 15 units
Maple Cotton Candy - 1 Ounce Tub
Claeys Old Fashioned Hard CandyClaeys Old Fashioned Hard Candy
Claeys Claeys Old Fashioned Hard Candy
Sale price$1.95
In stock, 100 units
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Maple Cream Cookies - 14ozMaple Cream Cookies - 14oz
Pure Maple Sugar Candy Pocket PackPure Maple Sugar Candy Pocket Pack
Save $2.00
Westminster Square CrackersWestminster Square Crackers
Westminster Crackers Westminster Square Crackers
Sale price$3.95 Regular price$5.95
In stock, 5 units
Side Hill Maple Drizzle -Side Hill Maple Drizzle -
Sidehill Farms Side Hill Maple Drizzle -
Sale price$7.95
In stock, 13 units
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Creamy Chocolate Fudge -Creamy Chocolate Fudge -
Shelburne Country Store Creamy Chocolate Fudge -
Sale priceFrom $6.95
In stock, 45 units
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Pop Rocks Single Pack -Pop Rocks Single Pack -
Pop Rocks Pop Rocks Single Pack -
Sale price$1.00
In stock, 116 units
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Halladays Buttermilk Pancake MixHalladays Buttermilk Pancake Mix
Halladays Halladays Buttermilk Pancake Mix
Sale price$5.99
In stock, 6 units
Chocolate Covered Swedish Fish - 1PoundChocolate Covered Swedish Fish - 1Pound
Sweet Maple Mustard - 8oz.Sweet Maple Mustard - 8oz.
Chowards Violet Mints
Chowards Chowards Violet Mints
Sale price$1.00
In stock, 19 units

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