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Welcome to the Shelburne Country Store

We are an original Vermont Country Store located in the Heart of Shelburne, Vermont.  The Main section of our Building was built in the 1830's and has been a continually running store since at least 1859 (records are a little sparse prior to then).

The entire store consists of 7 rooms filled with treasures of all types, from our Clothing room (it used to be a Gasoline Station back in 1905) to our Christmas Room filled with the amazing sounds of our Original Porter Music Box playing in the background. 

We make all of our own Fudge (at least 20 Flavors available daily), and Springtime through Halloween we serve Real Maple Creemees (Soft Serve Ice cream made with real Maple Syrup to you Flat-Landers)

If you are in the area, feel free to stop by (directions available on the bottom of the page). If you aren't lucky enough to be able to visit, we have spent the last 10 years trying to put everything we sell online here. Everything comes right off our sales floor (or that of our Christmas Store right up the street). We try to ship everything within 24 hours, and we can include a gift message for free.

Give us a try, check out our amazing collection of Candy, Candles, Cosmetics, Lamps, Toys, Linens and More. We are the original General Store, and even now after 160 Years we are still the best place to shop for that hard to find item!

The Original and Still the Best. The Shelburne Country Store.

Hacks English Sore Throat Lozenge Tin


Not so old (mid 1970's)

Great looking metal tin with a twist off lid.  This is a 5 pound container for "Hacks", a Hard Candy Cough Drops made in Southport England.

Though we do tend to love all things candy related, it has always seemed a bit odd to advertise a Hard Candy lozenge with the image of a strange looking English Gentleman blowing his nose into a cloth hankie.  That might explain while they are not still around.

10 inches tall, 6 inches wide, 5 inches deep.

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Hershey's Progress Cocoa Tin

Original Hershey Cocoa Tin (Yes, THAT Hershey's) made for bulk sales.

Metal Tin measures 18 inches tall and is 12 inches x 12 inches wide.

Dated from approximately 1906 this tin originally held approx 17 pounds of Hershey Progress Cocoa (At the time, 5 pounds wholesaled for about $1)

Though the side label is not complete it shows the original Formula for Hot Chocolate:

Make a thick paste by adding slowly cold water to 4 ounces of Cocoa Powder.  Stir thoroughly until all lumps are worked out of the Cocoa and then add this to one quart of boiling water.  Stir for about 6 or 7 minutes. Add to this one (*missing*) of rich milk and serve from urn.

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Shawmut Brand Seidlitz Powder Tin Box

Great little metal box with a lift off lid. Approximately 1930's

Distributed by Gilman Brothers of Boston, Mass.

Originally held 12 sealed doses of Shawmut Laxatives. The tin claims it as an aid in the Relief of Heartburn, Gas due to excess acidity of the stomach. Also an aid in the Relief of Headache when caused by occasional Constipation.

The three ingredients of Seidlitz powders (tartaric acid, potassium sodium tartrate and sodium bicarbonate) were manufactured by chemical factories from the mid-19th century onwards.

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