The Joker Game

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  • A DIABOLICAL PARTY GAME: Gotham City`s most heinous Super-Villains are each determined to rule the metropolis. But The Joker sends Gotham City further and further into anarchy with each passing round!
  • GAME OF STRATEGY AND LUCK: You`re secretly a Super-Villain, filling character wallets with Corruption Cards. Players can eliminate wallets, sending the caught Super-Villain to Arkham Asylum.
  • NEVER THE SAME GAME TWICE: The Joker gameplay is constantly random as it`s guided by a turn of the cards and The Joker`s changing game rules with every new round.
  • QUICK START, FUN AND ENGAGING: Take out the game components, read through the instructions and you`re on your way to Gotham City domination! For 3-6 players, ages 12 and up
  • Spin Master offers a variety of board games & puzzles for kids & adults. Classic, card, family, trivia, party games & more. Puzzle lines feature characters for kids of all ages, adult jigsaw, 3-D & more

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