Stretched Canvas - 11 x 14 inches - 2 pack

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Every masterpiece begins on a blank slate, and the Darice Cotton Stretched Canvas is the perfect place to start! These two 11” x 14”, acid-free, medium weight stretched canvases are a must-have for artists of all abilities.

  • VERSATILE –This medium-weight, wood frame canvas is versatile and can be utilized for acrylic or oil paints. Use it to find your inspiration!
  • DOUBLE ACRYLIC PRIMED –This primed canvas for acrylic or oil painting has a smooth surface and reduced absorbency, making it easy to work with. It’s ready for your creative brush strokes right out of the packaging, with no primer necessary!
  • AFFORDABLE –This pack of two of blank canvases is affordable and high quality, making it a great option for budding artists, beginners and even more experienced artists.