Silver Celtic Key Pendant Encrusted with Swarovski Crystal

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Shanore Ireland presents the Key to Your Heart in sophisticated sterling silver. The heart of the sterling silver key pendant is embedded with a plethora of sparkling white crystals from Swarovski®. Two Trinity Knot figures accentuate the design, one at the bit of the key, and one dangling from the center of the heart. 

Trinity Knot and White Crystals
Romantic and elegant, the key pendant features the most meaningful embellishments. Each white crystal set in the heart of the key is meant to suggest purity, clarity, and truth. Framed by the heart figure, hangs a dangling Trinity Knot. The sterling silver Trinity Knot adds meaning and beauty. 

The Celtic Trinity Knot design is crafted from a single, unbroken line which intertwines to create three separate points. Each of the three points signifies a similar but independent idea. Most often it symbolizes The Holy Trinity, but to the wearer may also suggest the three earthly elements of land, sea, and sky, or the three movements of time: past, present, and future. All interpretations inspire feelings of eternity and love everlasting. 

Who Holds the Key?
Who holds the key to your heart? Gift them with Shanore's elegant white crystal and Trinity Knot embellished key pendant necklace of sterling silver. Let the meaningful symbols and incredible embellishments bring inspiration and positive direction. 

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