Seasons In A Vermont Vineyard

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Seasons in a Vermont Vineyard - The Shelburne Vineyard Cookbook evokes the romance of a lush vineyard heavy with fruit. Featuring sumptuous photography, the book is organized around the seasonal cycles of a Vermont vineyard, and offers delicious, rustic, wine friendly recipes, highlighting the use of fresh, regional ingredients. Each dish is accompanied by wine pairing suggestions, and every seasonal chapter finishes with a cheese course, featuring a selection of Vermont artisanal cheeses. Recipes such as Hoisin-Glazed Quail with Zucchini Cornmeal Cakes, Harvest Grape Focaccia and Clementine Cake deliver bold, voluptuous flavors. Find the perfect dish for a warming, winter supper, such as Bison and Mushroom Bolognese paired with a full-bodied Marquette red wine. For a refreshing summer salad, you'll find Watermelon with Feta and Pickled Onions, together with a juicy and thirst-quenching rose. Whatever the season, this book offers succulent recipes and wines to savor. Seasons in a Vermont Vineyard - The Shelburne Vineyard Cookbook invites readers into the winemaking experience, exploring the agricultural and work cycles that mark each season. You'll learn about Ice Wine, a sweet delicacy of our northern region, along with essential tips on wine and food pairing principles. Vermont is a food and wine lovers' paradise. From its verdant and fertile farmland, regional specialties are emerging. We have an abundant selection of locally raised meats, poultry, produce, and fruits as well as world-class artisanal cheeses, award-winning spirits, ciders, beers and, of course wine. Seasons in a Vermont Vineyard - The Shelburne Vineyard Cookbook is a celebration of a new generation of outstanding Vermont wines and the affinity of food and wine produced from the same northern terroir

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