Seafood Doohickeys - 4 Pk

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If you love crab or lobster, you need a set of doohickeys. Nantucket Seafood's set of 4 Seafood Doohickeys are perfect for extracting that delicious meat from shellfish. Constructed of sturdy stainless steel, these handy tools feature a two tined fork on one end to fit into the smallest part of the crab and a spoon on the opposite end to scrape, pull, or scoop the meat out. Great for smaller shellfish, as well as for reaching into the furthest end of lobster legs. Easy to clean, hand wash recommended. Make sure you're properly equipped with a set of doohickeys for your next crab fest, lobster fest, or seafood feast!

7 inch long, set of 4 doohickeys

Constructed of sturdy stainless steel

Two tined fork for extracting meats from shellfish

Features a spoon end for scooping on the opposite side

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