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Unwind, de-stress, and exhale! 

Gentle enough for everyone, including babies and kids, teens, grown-ups, and foot rubs for grandparents, this massage oil also does double duty as a gentle body moisturizer.

I first used our Rest & Relax Rub as a soothing massage oil during my first pregnancy. Foot rubs, back rubs, belly rubs, you name it.  Then it moved right into the perfect massage oil during labor.

Next, it became our go-to baby massage oil.  Then, a few drops on the hands of my toddlers would help them unwind for naptime, and in the bath at bedtime.

Foot rubs during elementary and especially middle school gave us that relaxed, no pressure time to just chill, talking or no talking.

My teenagers would ask for neck rubs, and sit in front of me while we watched a show together. Or foot rubs before bed. Really! :-)

Now, I bring it to my mom at her senior assisted living facility to give her foot rubs while we chat. When we had days at the ER, it was the perfect thing to pass the time. 

 Ingredients: Pure sweet almond oil infused with therapeutic grade lavender essential oil.

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