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Tried and trusted for over 100 years, Lotil cream has outstanding preventive and curative properties. Lotil has a rich, deeply hydrating formula that penetrates quickly and leaves the skin soft and moisturised. It contains powerful emollients that rapidly rehydrate the skin allowing the best possible opportunity for regeneration. Lotil softens chapped and cracked skin and enables the healing process to take place, in addition it helps stop cuts and broken skin from stinging.

Where to use Lotil?

Lotil can easily be applied wherever your skin needs it! Its non-greasy formula which is rapidly absorbed makes it ideal to use on your hands, elbows, knees, body and face.

When to use Lotil?

  • Anytime your skin needs extreme rehydration and repair
  • During the winter when the cold weather dries out your skin
  • After shaving
  • After gardening or any outdoor activities that could cause your hands / skin to suffer from cuts and dryness

Who can use Lotil?
Lotil’s specific formulation makes it suitable for everyone (Women, men, babies) and for all skin types.

  • To boost dry skin moisturisation levels
  • To help repair extremely dry/chapped skin
  • To keep normal skin soft and supple and help prevent any damage

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