Celtic Trinity Stone set Silver Earrings

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Green, heart-shaped CZ stones add a fresh, bright accent to these sterling silver earrings. Two Trinity knots in each earring, corners touching, mirror one another within a larger loop. The resulting effect is one of elegance. One can easily see the special care with which ShanOre?s artists have handcrafted these pieces.

Knots to Talk About

The Trinity knot in Irish culture alludes to the eternal nature of the human spirit. One can find no beginning or end in the loops of the knot, just as there is no start or finish to a person?s identity; he or she is the sum of multiple elements, at once, both multi-faceted and whole. For a gentleman who gives his significant other jewelry featuring the Trinity knot, the tri-cornered shape might indicate his wish to love, honor, and protect her. However, many individuals prefer to interpret the significance of this triad in their own way. 

The Future as an Open Field

Emeralds were worn by members of royal families in Babylon and Egypt, as long ago as 1300 BC. Cleopatra in particular seemed to admire their rich color, which was thought to have a calming effect on the eye. These days, a person might wear green stones to herald her May birthday. Green, the hue of springtime, reflects the themes of rebirth and renewal. Some even believe that emeralds possess fortune-telling powers. A woman who dons these earrings might view the three loops of the Trinity knot as representative of the past, present, and future, and also regard the emerald-like stones as extra protection from any fate that is not personally fulfilling and professionally successful.

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