Caillou's Holiday Movie: The Soundtrack

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Internationally beloved cartoon/literary character Caillou is born of the imagination of author Christine L'Heureux and artist Helene Desputeaux. Crafted by child development specialists for children between two and six, the Caillou books were first published in 1987. Though introduced to French-speaking children as a storybook character, it was not long before Caillou (meaning "pebble" or "bald-headed" in French) made his television debut. Caillou could first be seen on Canada's Teletoon channel beginning in 1997, available to stateside viewers on PBS two years later. A mix of short episodes, songs, and live-action puppet segments, the show easily held the attention of its toddler fan base.

Additionally, a large musical repertoire was generated quickly. When collections of Caillou's songs were finally available on CD, they were instantly popular. The 2003 release of Caillou's Favorite Songs pleased countless English-speaking fans. As the program became popular worldwide, demand grew for the album to be released in other languages. Weihnachten mit Caillou and Las Canciones de Caillou were both released in 2007 by Universal to accommodate the character's massive international following. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

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