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It’s time to say goodbye to dirt and grime with the Clean Shot Bleach Tablet – Fresh Linen Scent! This 160-gram bottle contains 32 bleaching pods.

One bottle of Clean Shot can be used to wash up to 32 loads of dirty clothes. That’s twice the amount that a 64-oz. tub of liquid bleach can! What’s more, these bleaching capsules clean both white and colorfast fabrics. Simply add one tablet to the washer; for heavier loads, dissolve two pods. Clean Shot contains powerful chlorinated bleaching agents that wash dirt and grime from fabrics. After using this product, your clothes will look brand new and smell like fresh linen!

In addition, Clean Shot makes a wonderful household cleaner. It cleans toilets, floors, and sinks. To clean non-porous surfaces such as countertops and bathtubs, just dissolve one tablet into a gallon of water. For deodorizing the laundry machine, simply run the washer on a hot wash cycle with 2 Clean Shot capsules.

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