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HOMETOWN - Manhattan

BIRTHDAY - April 22

Bling brunch on! Bianca Blings is always ready for a mid-day, Mid-town brunch with the girls in Manhattan, where she struts her sparkly self like she owns the street. This precocious pup loves a good gossip sesh and wags her fluffy tail when the goss gets juicy! Her dainty white fur is flecked all over with her favorite diamond-inspired sparkles, and because she can never get enough bling, her sparkling teal eyes match her stain bow, glittering collar, and super fluffy ears.

  • SERIES - Fashionista Wave 1
  • STATUS - Popular Edition
  • RELEASE - March 15th, 2021
  • FABRIC - White Sparkle Plush with Metallic Teal accents
  • COLLAR - Silver Glitter
  • EYES - Turquoise with Silver Glitter eyeshadow

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