Would You Rather? Prove It

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In this social-voting game, players earn scoring chips by debating and voting on deranged dilemmas. As players read out the cards, everyone secretly votes with tokens. Be the first player to earn 10 scoring chips and win!

  • HILARIOUS CARD CATEGORIES: With three different card categories, players vote on what they’d rather do, what they think the card reader would do, or vote on something they’d actually do. Make tough choices to vote in the majority to earn scoring chips!
  • PROVE IT TWIST: The prove it element in this game of crazy choices adds an exciting interaction to game play! See how players’ minds work as their votes are revealed.
  • Would You Rather…? Prove It is the game of demented dilemmas for 3-6 players aged 8 and up. It’s all fun and games until you have to prove it!
  • Includes: 300 Dilemma Cards, 100 Prove It Cards, 60 Scoring Chips, 12 Voting Tokens, 1 Card Tray, 1 Instruction Sheet

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