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The little blue box with 50 multiple choice questions about countries and cultures around the world. Ages 8 and up. 

- This Country in Southeast Asia used to be known as Siam.  Today it is called (Bolivia, Thailand, Barbados)
- The name of this country means "land of the pure"  Whic one is it (Peru, Pakistan, Pachyderm)
- Which of the following is the only city in the world that lies across two continents? (Nairobi, Istanbul, Mexico City)

About Word Teasers:

Word Teasers Co-Founder Susan Flores dreamed up the cards when she saw a specific need that wasn’t being met. In this case, the need was to help her then 14-year-old son (now a sophomore in college) improve his vocabulary and remember what he learned, particularly with the PSAT, the SAT, and the ACT tests looming on the horizon. Susan wasn’t exactly new to educational publishing when she launched her new business five years ago. For 14 years, she had worked at Scholastic Inc., an international educational publishing company, where she collaborated with editors in the development of sponsored educational materials for a variety of companies ranging from Walt Disney to Apple Computer. But for years she thought about starting her own business. “It was just a matter of coming up with a product that I believed in and felt would help kids of all ages learn something new while having fun,” she says. “That product is WordTeasers.”

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