Woodwick Mini Jar 3.4oz Candle -

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The uniquely shaped wooden wicks of Pluswick® Innovation provide a beautiful, even burn, filling your home with premium fragrance and the soothing sounds of a crackling fire.  A matching wooden lid makes the candle, even when not burning, attractive and stately.

Woodwick candles are highly fragranced scented candles by the Virginia Candle Company. Woodwick candles feature a natural wooden wick that creates the sounds of a crackling fire when burning. Scented candles have never sounded so good and this unique wick design adds another dimension to scented candles.

  • Wax:  Premium paraffin and soy waxes are blended with highly concentrated fragrances to produce a beautiful burn with no messy residue.
  • Glass:  Flared design creates a wider opening for a fully melted wax pool that produces a more consistent fragrance experience.
  • Wick:  The exclusive, patented wooden wick of our Pluswick® Innovation candles creates the sound of a crackling fire. Wicks are handcrafted for each individual candle and produce a generous wax pool with a fast fragrance release. Enjoyment time may vary.
  • Weight:  3 oz.
  • Dimensions:  2.75" x 3.25"