Woodstock 1812 Chime

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Tuned to the notes of The 1812 Overture, this chime makes a big statement.Designed to sound like church bells, this chime is tuned to the opening notes of the hymn, God Save The Tsar, used in the 1812 Overture by the Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.This universally popular work was written in 1880 to commemorate Russia's victorious defense against Napoleon's army in 1812. The Overture ends with a wild improvisation on real church bells but is often substituted by orchestral chimes due to the difficulty of coordinating the logistics. It also features real cannon fire when available but this is usually omitted for the same reason.This distinctive chime will sound majestic indoors or out and will remind you of the glorious celebrations of summer throughout the year.

Dimensions: 71 in. Overall Length

Materials: Black aluminum ring and windcatcher, 5 silver aluminum tubes 

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