What Came First, A Party Game About Picking Sides and Betting Big, for Kids, Teens, and Adults

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King Kong vs Ping Pong? Cher vs Tupperware? Statue of Liberty vs The Eiffel Tower? Ever wondered What Came First? Prepare to find out the answers to these crazy questions and so many more when you play one of the best new board games of 2019. With 200 question cards to choose from it`s time to pick a side and place your bets. In this simple but addictive team game, your aim is to guess which of the two options on the card came first and successfully bet on the outcome. The more you win, the faster you`ll move around the board. The team with the Dealer Chip goes first. They choose to either bet one, two or all three of their chips on what you think is the correct side of the board. If you're feeling really confident and think you know the exact year, you can place a chip on the year circle. Guess correctly and that`s five extra points. If you bet successfully move the same number of squares around the board as the chips you bet. If you bet wrong then move backwards the same amount of squares as the chips you bet. If you happen to land on one of the time tokens dotted around the board then you might be in for a bonanza or a bust. The first team to get all the way around the board, wins! It's the ultimate good-time party game, full of teamwork, surprises and the buzz of bet-winning glory. What Came First is a total blast one of the best board games for families, friends, strangers and sworn enemies around. Less

  • SOLVE LIFE`S GREAT MYSTERIES: Have you ever wondered about the BIG questions: did Arnie come before helicopters? How about Mayo or Ketchup? The Frisbee or Mr. T? Well, now you have the chance to find out in this past-paced party trivia game!
  • MACARONI OR BALONEY?: The aim of the game is to bet your chips on which side of the card is the oldest. The more you bet, the more you stand to win, but beware, get it wrong and you`ll be moving back in a hurry
  • FEELING LUCKY?: Bet on the exact year of origin to win 5 extra moves. Land on one of Ten random Time Tokens and you`ll be in for a surprise
  • EASY TO LEARN, QUICK TO PLAY: A fantastic party trivia board game for adults, teens and families. Recommended for 2 or more players, ages 10 and up
  • OLD FATHER TIME'S MOMENT TO SHINE: One of the most off-the-chain generation-spanning party games around. Prepare to be amazed when you find out "What Came First"

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