Vermont Smoke & Cure Chipotle Stick

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We combine lots of brown chipotle with cumin, black pepper, garlic and other spices to deliver layers of flavor and a good kick of spicy heat.

Take them anywhere, and keep them in your backpack, office drawer or purse for a snack that satisfies, that doesn't leave you with a post sugar high crash a half hour later.

• Made with beef and pork grown without antibiotics and never fed animal byproducts.

• No sodium nitrite added.

• No nitrites or nitrates added except for those found naturally occurring in celery juice and sea salt.

• No gluten, no nuts, no milk.

• No MSG, no artificial anything.

Chipotle Stick Ingredients: beef, pork, spices, molasses powder, sea salt, onion, celery juice powder, ascorbic acid, garlic, lactic acid starter culture.* Encased in collagen casing. *Not from milk. Contains no gluten, no nuts, no milk.

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