Unconditional Friends - Card

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Cover message: At our age, we’ve seen it all — or at least most of it. Nothing really surprises us anymore. We’re at the time in our lives when we can count deep friendships on one hand. 

Inside message: We both know so many people, yet the ones who really matter in our lives are the people we can count on — the one we know will be there for us unconditionally. You are always there for me through life’s ebb and flow. / You provide me with the kind of strength and confidence that only come from being completely loved. I know we will continue supporting each other while providing the comfort and love that only true friends can understand. We’ve already shared so much! / You are a blessing. No matter where we are or how often we talk, I am your friend for life and you can trust that I will share all your joys, sorrows, and the day-to-day dance of your life. And I know that with the bond we have, you will be there for me as well. There are few things we can count on in this life, and it’s a gift to know that we can count on each other. / Thank you for your unconditional friendship.

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