Trump 2020 Presidential Playing Cards

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The Trump Presidential Deck is the MUST HAVE political souvenir for supporters of Donald Trump!! The deck celebrates Trump and his policies ... and you have to see the Jokers!! Each card face is unique and uses original artwork to portray a prominent statesman or personality to communicate the reasons why Trump should be re-elected President in 2020!!

Trump Presidential Playing Cards includes: (A) Donald Trump (A) Donald Trump (A) Donald Trump (A) Donald Trump (K) Donald Trump (K) Donald Trump (K) Donald Trump (K) Donald Trump (Q) Ivanka Trump (Q) Kellyanne Conway (Q) Melania Trump (Q) Sarah Huckabee Sanders (J) Ronald Reagan (J) Donald Trump Jr. (J) Vince McMahon (J) Mike Pence (10) Vladimir Putin (10) Tom Brady (10) Kanye West (10) Jared Kushner (9) Xi Jinping (9) Mitch McConnell (9) Laura Ingraham (9) Nikki Haley (8) Nigel Farage (8) Jim Jordan (8) Candace Owens (8) Marco Rubio (7) Mike Pompeo (7) Mike Lindell (7) Rush Limbaugh (7) Ted Cruz (6) Kevin McCarthy (6) Sean Hannity (6) Lindsey Graham (6) Devin Nunes (5) Jerome Powell (5) Mitt Romney (5) Hugh Hewitt (5) Rand Paul (4) Brett Kavanaugh (4) Willie Robertson (4) Dana White (4) Steve Mnuchin (3) Hillary Clinton (3) Benjamin Netanyahu (3) Paul Krugman (3) Ben Carson (2) Adam Schiff (2) Barack Obama (2) Bernie Sanders (2) Joe Biden

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