Tooletries Mighty Mirror, Grey

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Enough with the suction cups that don't stick, or messy adhesives that are hard to remove. Hang a mirror in your shower easily with the Mighty Mirror Blue from Tooletries. This mirror does have anti-fog properties, but the anti-fog spray on the mirror will lose its power if it repeatedly gets wet. To prevent this, keep the mirror positioned away from the shower head so it doesn't get water on it. TOOLETRIES was founded in 2014 by two brothers with the vision of becoming a leader in the home & bath category for innovation and design. Their products are made from the highest quality materials and combine innovative design with performance and functionality.

100% silicone and polycarbonate shatterproof mirror with anti-fog properties

No suction cups, no adhesive, no permanent mounts. Grips to shiny surfaces; glasses, mirror, tiles and marble

100% waterproof, safe and hygienic and easy to clean. Custom drainage system allows for water to drain and dry

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