Smalls Pup

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Talls 'N Smalls features doll-like animals with long legs and lots of sweet personality. Each features a sculpted face with embroidered detailing, and a belly and back made of super soft textured fabric. Choose from a variety of animals: cows, elephants, kitties, lambs, pigs, unicorns, lions, moose and poodles. Each comes in 9-inches or 13-inches, each soft toy is sold separately. Mary Meyer is an environmentally conscious company and has been making toys that are safe and fun since 1933. Mary Meyer has received numerous awards including multiple Toy of the Year awards. Known for using unique, beautiful, and incredibly soft fabrics, Mary Meyer continually strives to design extraordinary products of outstanding quality, all the while keeping an eye on customer service and value.

Soft light brown doggy with long, dangly legs

9" tall

Features sculpted face and embroidered detailing; belly and back are textured fabric, super soft to the touch

Pair with Talls Pup for a bigger buddy; coordinate with other Talls N' Smalls soft toys and create a whole neighborhood of pals

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