Rhythm Clocks Magnificent Magic Motion Clock

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Manufactured by Rhythm Clocks, we introduce you to the magnificent. The dial is encrusted with 6 Swarovski crystals. There are 15 more, behind the dial, and 16 on the rotating pendulum. On the hour, the dial opens into 6 sections, revealing instruments and musical notes, that rotate to one of 30 melodies. This timepiece is encased in a beautifully-crafted, pecan-finished walnut case. Clock is quartz, battery-operated.

Automatic night-time shut off

Demonstration button

Volume control

On/off switch

2 "D" sized batteries are included

  • This Magnificent timepiece is encased in a beautifully crafted pecan finish walnut frame that surrounds an elegant gold face
  • On the hour, the crystal encrusted dial opens up into 6 sections showcasing 15 additional Swarovski crystals that create a star shape revealing instruments and music notes that rotate in time with flashing LED lights
  • Along with the continuously rotating pendulum that is crusted with an impressive 16 genuine Swarovski crystals, every hour on the hour this this state of the art creating plays one of 30 melodies including 12 popular melodies, 12 classic melodies and 6 Christmas melodies
  • Optional volume control, On/Off switch and display button lets you silence your clock on demand, while it still keeps perfect time
  • Clock measures 20.9” high by 16.3” wide and 6” deep and operates on two D batteries that are included to help keep the clocks precision Quartz movement

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