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Mexican Cooking at it's Best.... and Easiest! With more than 150 quick and easy recipes, you can cook creative and memorable meals in a snap. Your family will think you spent hours in the kitchen making hearty Chimichangas, spicy yet elegant Santa Fe Potato Stuffed Peppers, and tasty Apple Flautas hot from the oven. "Foot notes" and "Hot tips" from the authors make creating delicious Mexican treats even easier. Even with your busy lifestyle, you can cook creative and memorable meals with only "one foot in the kitchen." You'll enjoy: Taco Burradas - tacos, burritos and enchiladas in one unique dish Scrumptious Mexican Wedding Cakes - a definite child pleaser Super Size Tostadas - a crispy, cheese-filled delight Quick, Quick Chile Con Queso - easy to make and the hit of every party Spanish Steak - a family-pleasing favorite And many more for meal after meal of pure Mexican pleasure. Recipes are easy to follow using ingredients most people already have in their kitchen Calories and fat grams included with each recipe 

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