Platinum Plate Green and White Claddagh Earrings Swarovski

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Platinum Plate Green and White Claddagh Earrings Swarovski 

Nothing beats an old classic with a retro twist. At Shanore, it is one of our specialties. For example, this set of brilliantly designed earrings utilizes the ancient Claddagh symbol, but in a new way. Each side of the Platinum Plate set is curved into a circle which ends with two hands supporting a heart. Upon the heart are four silver and green cubic zirconia stones. Atop the heart lies a crown with four stems.

Lessons Passed Down

The Irish pass down stories. Whether you heard them in a pub with a pint or around a pleasant fireside with your family, storytime is a distinct facet of Irish culture. Those tales are often accompanied by symbols with ancient meanings. Displayed in this piece, the Claddagh shows the uplifting hands of friendship, the heart of love, and the crown of loyalty. 

The Claddagh is a widely recognizable symbol, and its familiarity lends it to being versatile when infused into jewelry. Wear this perfect set of handcrafted earrings to a party with friends, celebrating what the hand reminds us to appreciate. The set would also be a classy decoration to wear to family events, with the loyal crown watching over. Or wear them on a date night in, celebrating one of life's most treasured things- love.

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