Peppermint Yogurt Mini Pretzels -

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Size: 1 Pound
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This product doesn't ship well in high heat. We will try our best, but unless an express method is chosen for shipping, there is a good chance it may not arrive in pristine condition. The weather across the USA varies, so just because it is cool where you are, doesn't mean the whole trip will be cool. Please be aware when ordering


  • Gourmet peppermint coated pretzels
  • Approximately 70 pretzels per pound

Only the freshest ingredients including salty pretzels, tangy yogurt, and colorful peppermint sprinkles are used to craft our delicious yogurt pretzels. The master confectioners handcraft these luxurious yogurt-covered pretzels to offer you the sought-after combination of mint candies and pretzels. Our gourmet sweet and salty peppermint pretzels are perfect for creating stunning tasting stations throughout your holiday setup!

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