Peepers Wildwood Readers (Green) - Strength

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Strength: 3.0 X
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Picture yourself walking through the uncultivated woods.  Got it?  Now just imagine you come upon a clearing where there is the most vibrant flowers you have ever seen.  Got the image?  That is the image we used to create this striking frame.  Ok, maybe not exactly how the frame can to fruition but it would be a good story to exemplify this frame.

The simple dark brown wood grain front frame is like the uncultivated woods. While the inside of the frame is black, just like the shadows of the tall trees. Still seeing the image? Stay with us here… Then the exciting clearing opens and you see the vibrant flowers or in our case – the colorful, vibrant temples.  Choose between three color options. The electric blue of cornflowers.   The green of a crisp, lime green apple.  Or the jazzy red of a ladybug.   Each of these color options are featured on the temples in a shiny, translucent finish.  To complete the look, the Wildwood reading glasses are completed by two vertical studs on each side of the frame. 

Spring hinges are added for additional comfort and a coordinating case for fashionable protection.  Creating the picture perfect frame of Wildwood.

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