Pave Set Trinity Knot Earrings 10K Gold

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Brilliant white crystals embellish these sophisticated teardrop earrings fashioned from 10k Yellow Gold. Resting elegantly in hollow of the tear drop is a Trinity Knot figure, supported by its bottom two points.
Elegance and Trinity KnotGrace and style are on full display with Gold 10k Pave Set Trinity Knot Earrings. White crystals shine brilliantly while highlighting the Trinity Knot figure set in the center of the earrings. The Trinity Knot is a Celtic beauty, created from one single, unbroken line to form three points. Each of these points meant to signify a separate but related idea or image. For the wearer these images or ideas could be personal, or they could be The Holy Trinity, the elements of land, sea, and sky, or they could past, present and future. Whichever meaning holds strong to the beholder of these dangle earrings is sure to relish them with pride.
MovementShow these earrings off on your night out. Wear them with a high head, as they are sure to catch the attention with their dazzling sparkle, and chic construction. Turn heads and inspire awe with 10k Gold Pave set Trinity Knot earrings.

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