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Let loose and get a little wild! Sadie Spotson is the lightest leopard on her toes once the music begins! You'll either find her lighting up the dancefloor with her moves, or attending the best performances Chicago has to offer. With her super soft spots, bright pink ears, and emerald green eyes, this wild child doesn't shy away from a good time (or a good color!) Her glittering pink collar is a beacon to the DJ to turn the music up for all her friends to get their groove on together!

  • SERIES - Fashionista Wave 1
  • STATUS - Popular Edition
  • RELEASE - March 15th, 2021
  • FABRIC - Leopard Plush with Metallic Fuchsia accents
  • COLLAR - Fuchia Glitter
  • EYES - Emerald with Fuchsia Glitter eyeshadow

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