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HOMETOWN - Hollywood

BIRTHDAY - February 29

And the award for best friend goes to ... Goldie La’Pooch! This limited-edition, rare puppy is a movie fanatic, so much so she moved to Hollywood to pursue her dreams! She loves watching award shows to check out the latest red carpet looks, and imagining herself standing on stage one day. She can picture it now: gleaming in the house lights with her high-shine metallic golden quilted plush and pink, sparkling eyes looking out on all of her adoring fans. She features a unique glitter-embroidered nose that matches her eyes and collar that’s fit for any red carpet!

  • SERIES - Fashionista Wave 1
  • STATUS - Limited Edition
  • RELEASE - March 15th, 2021
  • FABRIC - Gold Metallic Quilting
  • COLLAR - Fuchia Glitter
  • EYES - Pink with Fuchsia Glitter eyeshadow

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