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Icons don’t blend in. Ba-Bah Noir always makes her presence known as she hops from shop to shop, looking for her next favorite look in Beverly Hills with her sparkle-filled eyes. This special-edition lavish llama doesn’t go anywhere without a pop of red color, from her shiny red bow at the top of her head to her matching patent red shoes. Her glittering red collar adds to her all-over holographic glitter-flecked fur, making her shine as bright as the diamonds she puts in her shopping bag.

  • SERIES - Fashionista Wave 1
  • STATUS - Special Edition
  • RELEASE - March 15th
  • FABRIC - Black Sparkle Plush with Red Faux Patent accents
  • COLLAR - Red Glitter
  • EYES - Sapphire with Gunmetal eyeshadow

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