Mole Hollow Taper Pair (Off White) -

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Mole Hollow candles are hand-dipped and fluted by craftspeople who take great pride in their work. Smokeless and drip-less, each set of tapers is made with old-fashioned quality and care.

Their Standard Taper candles feature our unique Spun Finish. This distinctive look creates a subtle texture that brings your eye into the color by simultaneously heightening and softening the hue. They created this special process twenty-five years ago in our continuing quest for the perfect taper candle.

Look at their Standard Taper up close and personal. They call this the "Dry Cup Burn". The wax and the wick work together. The cup stays dry, so no wax drips down the candle. The wick trims itself, so it doesn't smoke. Dripless and smokeless -- it sounds fairly simple, but how often do you see it? Mole Hollow Candles doesn't know how to make them any other way.

  • 7/8" diameter
  • Solid color throughout
  • Burn time: just under 1 hour per inch (per candle)