Mille Bornes Card Game

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A classic card fame of cross-country racing, challenging you to outrace your opponents as you dodge the hazards they put in your way.Rev your engines and wait for the green light to send you hurtling across the countryside in pursuit of a win!Along the way, you’ll need to keep the tank full, find your way around the speed limit, and avoid accidents that may slow you down.Only one racer can be the first to cross 1,000 miles to win the race! Easy-to-learn rules allow for speedy games that players will enjoy playing over and over again.Play speed cards to race around the track, but watch out for accidents and hazards laid by other players.Be the first to reach 1,000 milestones and win the race!Great for kids and small groups!

Ages 7+

2 - 6 Players

20 Minute Game Time