Marshmallow Paris Poodle

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Marshmallow Paris Poodle is made of very soft white fabric. Pixie Poodle is 13-inches and features red bows, an iridescent applique heart and red, wide-ribbed trim on its paws. All of the Marshmallow Zoo friends are super huggable for little arms and have weighted bums and feet. Great as a gift for Valentines or any time of year. Mary Meyer is an environmentally conscious company and has been making toys that are safe and fun since 1933. Mary Meyer has received numerous awards including multiple Toy of the Year awards. Known for using unique, beautiful, and incredibly soft fabrics, Mary Meyer continually strives to design extraordinary products of outstanding quality, all the while keeping an eye on customer service and value.

Marshmallow Paris Poodle is an ultra soft friend with white fabric and plastic eyes; features red bows, applique heart and red, wide-ribbed trim on paws

Measures approximately 13-inches

Features weighted bum and feet; soft toy is incredibly huggable, little arms will love to squeeze

Great gift for Valentine's Day or anytime of year to show love