Lavish Brewfest Red Barn Crackers

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Lavash is a baked, artisanal flatbread also referred to as a cracker. Traditionally, the dough is rolled flat and slapped against the hot walls of the ovens.  Lavish Brewfest Red Barn Crackers, handmade in Vermont. The perfec snack for every occasion. Net weight 4 oz (4 servings per container)

Ingredients: all purpose flour (enriched wheat flour), spent brewer's grains, long trail ale, water, black sesame seeds, extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt, dry active yeast, granulated sugar.

At Red Barn Lavash, our dough is made with a blend of flour; black sesame seeds, water, kosher salt, and brewer’s grains. Our grains are harvested from The Long Trail Brewery which blends a unique balance of flavor and texture that our guests have grown to enjoy.   

Before baking, the dough is rolled out and lightly sprinkled with salt and more brewers grains from our all-natural brewing process.

Originally made up the road in Killington, this lavash is available for the first time outside of the resort.
Inspired by Greg Lang, Executive Chef at The Killington Resort, this beer cracker was developed to showcase locally sourced Vermont ingredients and served for the past 5 years at the Ledgewood Yurt. Baked and delivered weekly. Enjoy!