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RINGS by Marky Sparky: Think the game of "Darts" but with "Rings" and different rules. 

RINGS is Marky Sparky's family-fun variation of the Game of Ring Board or HOOKEY. The game is simple to learn and easy to play ... but the hard to master! 

- AGE: RINGS is a great game for all ages. (Rated 4+) Easy enough for kids, challenging enough for adults! 
- HOW TO WIN: There is no wrong way to fling the ring! You can throw your ring underhand or overhand. In fact, you can throw it any way you would like - so go ahead and create your very own winning style. 
- RINGS RULES: There are many variations of play included or make your own to fit the age and skill level of the players. Our favorite is to start with a target number such as 101 for younger players or 301 for the Pros. Take turns tossing the rings and subtract all of the numbers you hook. The first player to "0" Wins. 
- SKILLS: Great for developing hand eye coordination. Play can be adapted to make RINGS a great educational game for different math skills.

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