Goddards Stone & Tile Floor - 22oz

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Floors made of stone and tile are often the most heavily traveled areas in a home. Therefore, keeping them clean is the best way to stop dirt and grime from spreading. To keep stone and tile floors looking their best use Goddard's Stone and Tile Floor Clean and Shine regularly.

  • Cleans, Shines and Protects in One Easy Step.
  • Seals Stone and Grout to Protect from Stains.
  • Will Not Damage Natural Floors Like Harsh Cleaners.

Goddard's Stone and Tile Floor Clean & Shine has high-quality cleaning agents that gently clean dirt, grime and heel marks. The residue-free protectants leave behind a durable, clear shine that resists spills, scuffing and dulling. This unique formula is also effective on man-made flooring materials. Use Goddard's Stone and Tile to restore the natural beauty to your floors.