Dunoon Orkney Bone China Mug - Sailing

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This mug features a wonderfully detailed fact filled illustration by Caroline Dadd, depicting the study and workings of a sailing boat, along with diagrams and some fun and informative text. The design covers the entire mug, with smaller illustrations of nautical equipment on the inner rim, and more maritime details that run down the handle. The mug will make a lovely gift for any sailing enthusiast and lovers of the open sea.


The elegant simplicity of the Orkney shape becomes the canvas for some of the boldest patterns and brightest designs Dunoon have ever launched. The shape of the mug has been named after a quiet Scottish idyll in the north-eastern coast of Scotland, this time drawing inspiration from the beautiful 5000 year old sights and pretty preserved village.

With a capacity of 350ml they are both dishwasher and microwave safe, with the exception of those featuring gold embellishment.

Dunoon mugs are made in the UK by highly skilled artisans.