Dickens Village Six Geese Bedding & Down

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Dickens Village Six Geese Bedding & Down by; Department 56!

During the 19th Century, uncomfortable spring mattresses were topped with a straw mattress, horse hair or wool mattress, and finally, a feather bed. It was common practice to air out all bed linens, including the feather bed, by hanging them near a window. Six Geese Bedding and Down offers a great London source for feathered bed linens. Check this fun detail reference to "12 Days", carved stone goose heads adorn the roof peaks, and a dovecote is visible above the side entrance, with six doors offering homes to six birds. The chimney cap, gutter spout, rain barrel, mail slot, horse hitches, and fun signage are just some of the details that make this an outstanding example of the detail in the Dickens' Village Series

Dickens Village

The Six Geese Bedding and Down Lighted Building

Made of zinc alloy and porcelain

Introduced January 2016

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