Cow Tunes for Kids (DVD)

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Sung by Brent Holmes and The Big Island Cows 1. Welcome To Bermooda 2. The Cowabunga 3. A Big Book About Ice Cream 4. Cows of The Kalahari 5. I Met A Cow Wearing a Moo Moo 6. Cow Do You Moo? 7. Regga Moosic 8. Twenty Eight Scoops of Ice Cream 9. When You Get The Moos 10. The Cow s In The Kitchen At Grandmas s House 11. Eating Ice Cream Til The Cows Come Home 12. A E I O Moo

Brent Holmes is one of the best selling children s recording artists in North America. Some of his other recordings include: Bear Tunes for Kids, Moose Tunes for Kids, Cow Tunes for Kids, Sea Tunes for Kids, Horse Tunes for Kids, Fun Tunes for Teachers, MooseBeary Jam, Beary Christmoose, and Silliest Songs for Kids.

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