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Woodstock Chimes for Autism is a Woodstock Charitable Chime. 100% of the after-tax profits from this chime are donated to research and educational organizations focused on autism. Tuned to the opening notes of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21, this chime's happy song is made more appealing because of the cause it supports. One aspect of autism is hypersensitivity to sound. This chime is designed with a specially-sized clapper so its soothing tones play more gently. Music therapists often use Mozart's music when working with people overcoming the challenges of autism. Classical music, when used as part of Integrated Learning Systems, has been shown to offer therapeutic breakthroughs for children.

Our chime serves as a reminder of the hope that music therapy continues to offer benefits. Our inspiration for this chime came from uplifting stories shared by our customers. We were delighted to learn of children with autism that love our chimes and can identify which Woodstock Chime is ringing simply by hearing them play. Such talent makes us proud to create musically tuned chimes that show off these children's special gifts.The windcatcher's multi-color puzzle piece has special significance.

The puzzle piece is a symbol for autism and has multi-faceted significance. For some, it represents the mystery and complexity of different abilities seen among people with autism, for others the mechanical nature of an autistic person's thought process. Since every puzzle piece is different in some way, a puzzle piece symbolizes the diversity of the individuals affected. The bright colors are said to represent hope. It is a vivid symbol of solidarity among those who promote and support autism awareness.

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