Casino Grade Playing Cards - US Navy

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  • CASINO-GRADE. Our Heroes Series playing cards are designed to last the wear of many tours and the scrutiny of the poker table. Soy-based ink and 10.5pt 2 ply card stock.
  • AMERICAN MADE. Allied Materials has served our nation’s armed forces with manufacturing since being founded in 1951 by a military veteran of World War II. Products from Allied Materials are found on every military base worldwide.
  • QUALITY SNAP & FORM. This stiff deck delivers a signature snap with each shuffle. Flexibility without permanent give to the true structure of the authentic casino-grade stock.
  • EASY TO BREAK IN. Quickly condition your slick new stack with a series of shuffles, cuts, and fans.
  • AN ACE OF A GIFT for a veteran, loved one serving, or a future member of the firefighter department. Look no further for the perfect patriotic gift! Includes 52 suit cards with 2 jokers.

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