Baby Leggings Forest Green Moose

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Forest Green Moose  Baby Leggings

  • These moose baby leggings are stylishly designed with cute and eye-catching patterns to keep your little one entertained while at the same time keeping them warm. They are perfectly sized for little babies in diapers, and come in two sizes; 6-12 months and 12-24 months. With their soft blend of cotton, spandex and nylon, these leggings keep your little one warm with style. The leggings also feature a moose to keep your baby entertained. Their stretchy material allows your baby to move around freely with comfort. You can also dress your little one with these baby leggings alone or with under pants and dresses. 
  •   80% Cotton, 18% Nylon and 2% Spandex

      Wash gentle cycle cold with like colors

      Original designs creatively developed in Upstate, NY