Axe Throwing

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Warrior's Mark Axe Throwing Game

Become an Axepert!

Warrior’s Mark axe throwing game is a unique, on-trend target game that fosters motor-skills and hand-eye coordination. Play indoors or outdoors, it’s like throwing foam darts, but with foam axes!

Each foam axe 'blade' is covered with an easy-stick strip made to stick and stay on the target. Warrior’s Mark Axe Throwing Game includes two foam axes, one 26” diameter easy-fold target, door hanger, suction cup, instructions, and a drawstring storage bag.

Recommended technique for throwing your axe

  1. To begin stand about 12 feet away from your target.
  2. Since the axe is made of foam, don’t throw the axe too hard or it may bounce off the target .
  3. Practice throwing the axe to get a feel for its weight and balance.
  4. Move closer or farther away from the target to challenge yourself .

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