Alien Barkbone Bacon - Small

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Wondering how to stop your dog from being destructive when you’re not home? Does your dog cause mass destruction when you leave for work or maybe they tear apart every toy you give them? If so, the alien barkbone dog chews are the solution for your aggressive chewer. This long-lasting chew toy gives your dog something to do instead of tearing up that cute new toy you just bought, or, even worse, your expensive furniture. Show your heavy chewer where to direct their energy with this safe and tasty option. And, because it tastes like sunday morning bacon, your dog won’t even miss chewing on your slippers. Pet qwerks alien barkbone features a textural strip that runs the length of the chew. It’s still a traditional bone but has entertaining texture strip down the middle that gives them lots of chewing options.
Made in United States of America

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