2022 Amazing Vermont - Small Wall Calendar

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Our Amazing Vermont Small Wall Calendar is eye candy for your imagination—just a bit smaller than our 2022 Vermont Wall Calendar. And priced lower, too!

Lovers of the popular Green Mountain State thrill to paintings of cows roaming pastoral meadows.  Photographs showcase antique barns, fenced-in paddocks, and critters grazing near rusting farm tools.  Dirt roads to nowhere, but somewhere, tease fantasies. Watercolors spotlight rural settings, round barns, sugar shacks, and byways to rural villages. Our calendars proudly feature Vermont’s local artists and the stunning beauty of every season. They will capture your heart and make you smile.

  • Size: 8″ x 10.5″
  • Fun Vermont Facts Page
  • Includes Lunar Phases
  • Includes All Major Holidays
  • Has a Sunday Start

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