12 Channel Led Supernova Versaline String Lights 48 Light - Black wire / Blue

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Versaline Supernova 48 LED Lights. This Supernova light string is 2-feet long (lighted length) and 48 LEDs worth of beauty. Using the 6-function, built-in controller you can push a button and select the light effect of your choice. This set comes in warm white 3mm LEDs on a black wire with 12W power supply included. It has a 60-inch lead length and beautiful LEDs on ends of 2-inch legs. From twinkle to chasing, and lightning to stacker effects, this light string even allows daisy chaining of more Supernova sets to extend your enjoyment. Materials: 20% LED, 10% Copper, 70% Plastic Dimensions: 2' Lengh: 24"L x4"W x0.13"H Weight: 0.55 lbs 3' Lengh: 36"L x4"W x0.13"H Weight: 0.65 lbs


2' Length

Light String


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