11 inch Blue and White Stripe Crackers - 10 Count

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For over a century, people around the world have enjoyed festive crackers for many occasions.

Traditionally crackers have been used to adorn place settings at holiday tables. Originating in London, England in the 1840’s, a confectioner began wrapping sugared candies in brightly colored paper twisted at each end. He later put the sweets in a small wrapped tube, adding a motto and a surprise gift. It was the crackle of a log in the fireplace that gave him the inspiration to create a “pop” when the wrapping was pulled apart and the festive cracker was born!

When a cracker is pulled from both ends….POP! The tube breaks open and a party hat, a joke and a surprise novelty gift are revealed. Crackers create memories and laughter, bringing family and friends together.

  • Image shows a representation of the types of surprise gifts with.  Contents may vary slightly.
  • Each Festive Cracker contains a 'snap', a joke, a party hat, and a novelty surprise